Friday, February 02, 2007

Valentine's Day


All I want for Valentine's Day is one of Romi Derman's beautiful Valentine's necklaces. Each one is made by hand, takes two weeks to make and is completely unique. And they all come with their own poem. What more could anyone want? £165 from Castellazzo's, 020 8340 3001

Oh, yes, and true love. I note that there is a novena to my patron saint, Saint Raphael, patron of single people, healing and journeys carrying no for 9 days from 14th February. My Orthodox Jewish friend, Claire, suggests that the Archangel Raphael is the love doctor!

And to learn to cook at a Valentine's singles Italian cookery course at La Cucina Caldesi.

Hmmn. And maybe a rasul at the Elemis spa - I note that they are still on special offer!

high maintenance? moi? Ok, I'll settle for just true love...

Last year my new love and I braved a very upmarket Indian restaurant on the riverfront in Henley-on-Thames, The Spice Merchant. The food was a flowing series of courses of gourmet Indian food. Outside the window the centuries of liquid history floated by. Inside the restaurant my date took one look at the outpouring of tacky heart shaped confetti and shiny red balloons and panicked. It took a long time to come to the end of that meal. I remember him staring at me balefully, both of us knowing that this relationship would not work but still with at least two of the seven courses left to eat. It seemed considerably less time before our love had joined all the other water under the bridge. The good thing about that is that nothing about VD day can phase me now. Really nothing.


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