Tuesday, September 18, 2007

On Another's Sorrow

Of late I have been so busy and so tired that there has been very little time in the day when I can honestly sit with God. The other night I read this poem, part of Blakes 'Songs of Innocence,' and I realised that it is true; God suffers with us when we suffer. I spoke to God, telling him of the things that were making me unhappy, and as I listed each one it was as though it became an angel's feather. The hard road that I have felt I was treading of late became a soft place. After I had shared my sorrows a sense of deepest joy shone through my heart like sunlight through the cracks in a wooden shack. The wooden shack is this world: One day we will all be able to walk out of this world's door into the drenching brilliance of heaven.


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