Thursday, July 02, 2009

Bahai rainbow

After Sinai, my son Leo and I somehow found ourselves booking tickets to Israel. After staying with a friend in Jerusalem and chilling out at the Dead Sea we journeyed up to the Bahai gardens in the north, which I was to photograph for a picture library. As soon as we arrived a thunderstorm broke out and I simultaneously realised that I had lost my wallet. When I look at this photograph I can't help feeling that the staircase down is rather heavy, whilst the rainbow is light and pointing upwards. Almost as if the two were in contrast with each other. I was interested by the Bahai gardens, which are kept almost maniacally clean. We were lucky to have a private guide and made our way down the mammoth number of staircases. The gardens are stunning - any religion that creates a spiritual garden has to get some brownie points...


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