Wednesday, November 21, 2007

the scandal of grace

copyright Fiona Campbell 2007

Over the last few weeks the leaves have vaunted their outrageous colours. This abundant beauty is almost scandalous in its unnecessity. In the bright sunshine it is as though jewels hung from the trees. It reminds me of the 'scandal of grace' which Bible Alive enjoy highlighting and which I spend much of my life depending upon. the scandal of grace is 'that God's love, mercy and compassion can overwhelm and convert even the most hardened of sinners creating in them a new spirit and a new heart. God's grace bestows dignity - the dignity of being a child of God, for that is what we all are. We are saved and justified because of God's lavish, unmerited and undeserved grace.'

copyright Fiona Campbell 2007

We don't do anything to earn or merit Jesus' love. It is unearned wealth - when we accept it we become trustafarians. 'But God's mercy does not discriminate; God has no favourites. God's grace is available in the places of greatest sin and darkest confusion.' What we have to do is seek out Jesus and ask. And receive.

copyright Fiona Campbell 2007



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